Starting a Group

Can't find a Group you are interested in? All appealing Groups 'Full at Present'?

Start your own group!

You don't necessarily have to be the convenor, once the group is underway you might find someone else to take on that role...

How to Start a Group

Got a keen interest? Found a subject you would like to explore? Chances are someone else will share your interest, so why not start a group? Just 4 or 5 people make a group.
1. Contact a committee member and talk about your idea (names and phone numbers of the committee are on the back page of this newsletter)
2. If the committee think its a good idea then a notice will be published in the newsletter including your contact details, name and phone number
3. You can then arrange a first meeting at which you will discuss where and when to meet and who will lead it
4. The other members of the group will help and you have the full support of the committee.

How to be a Convenor/Leader

Whether its a new group or an existing one, being the convenor or leader is not hard.
1. Contact members and arrange when and where the next meeting will take place
2. Update the membership list when someone joins or leaves
3. Depending on your group, you might need to chair each meeting, suggest a topic or make specific arrangements
4. Four times year the newsletter editor will ask you for a piece about your group. This need only include the basic information about your group: meeting times & dates, is there a waiting list or are there places available and a contact name and phone number. Of course we would love a little more and a photograph is always welcome
5. Your group will help and you have the full support of the committee. If in doubt ring Terry, your group liaison 345 7172